How to cut a mango

In case my last post inspired you to go out and buy a mango, here’s how to cut one.

For some reason I always used to cut mangoes in four pieces and then try to slice/pry each piece off of the pit. This was squishy and difficult. Maybe I am the only one who cut mangoes the hard way for most of my life, and you already know how to do this, but in that case you can just enjoy the pictures of tasty, tasty mango.

You’ll need a thin, sharp knife and a mango.

First, stick the knife into the mango like this to see how deeply you can cut into the mango before you’ll hit the seed. Often it’s farther than I think.

Then, slice off the first side to the depth that you’ve already determined.

It’ll come out looking something like this, with maybe a bit of the seed showing. (This is good; it means you cut as close as possible and got as much delicious mango off the seed as you could.)

Cut the second side the same way.

Now it’s a bit hard and you’ll get juice on your hands, but you can gently but firmly hold the mango seed between your thumb and forefinger (it will squish a little probably) while you cut off the flesh around the rim of the seed.

You can score the big mango pieces into fancy-looking little squares like this. Ian is totally responsible for this picture; I don’t normally bother cutting them into such small and pretty pieces.

Then there’s always some mango pulp that you can’t cut off the seed. Not pictured, but the most fun: Messily eating this off the seed, with mango juice all over my fingers and face.


2 thoughts on “How to cut a mango

  1. so, i really wish you had been like “leila-the-non-raw-fruit-eater, how do you cut a mango?” because then i would have answered “why, this way, of course!” and then you could have known this approximately six years ago and then i guess also you would have had to blog about something else. so maybe not. and i miss you. in conclusion, grammar is not necessary on fridays.

    • Yes, obviously I should have asked you! I did figure this out on my own somehow in the course of living in NYC; maybe the air in NYC and the availability of cheap delicious champagne mangoes coalesce to impart mango-slicing knowledge. In conclusion I miss you too.

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